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Combining sustainable production with ethical suppliers and responsible partners, we can make sure every part of our supply-chain process is contributing to a greener future.

For years our industry has been inefficient, damaging, and wasteful.

Together we can make a difference.

Partnership with Ecologi

We're working with Ecologi to plant trees and fund projects that aim to help offset part of our carbon footprint.

From renewable energy generation to forest protection and community initiatives (such as providing access to clean water), our work with Ecologi also helps support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.



Eco-friendly merchandise

By choosing eco-conscious suppliers, we're helping our clients make sustainable choices. From our bamboo and wheat products, to our recycled and reusable items, we now offer a whole range of earth-friendly merch.

By working with suppliers who are actively investing in greener products and sustainable production, we're able to offer eco-friendly alternatives without affecting price points.

Ethical Garments

From our recycled t-shirts, to our corporate suits made from plastic bottles, we're working with suppliers who can offer sustainable alternatives to everyday garments.

With the option to add recycled, retail-ready finishes, including biodegradable polybags, it means from start to finish, our garments are as green as they can be.



Sustainable production

By installing solar panels back in 2014, our production has been powered by sustainable energy for almost 10 years. 

With state-of-the-art machinery and a 33,000sq ft facility, it's no surprise this has massively reduced our carbon footprint.

Trusted partners

We want to make sure every part of our supply chain is green, which is why we're conscious about who we work with.

By choosing DPD as our trusted delivery partner, we're reducing our carbon footprint through the use of electric vehicles. And by working with recycling companies and charities, we know that our waste is going to a good cause.

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Responsible packaging

If you choose our eco-friendly merch, you don't want to be sending it out in plastic packaging, which is why we now offer biodegradable boxes and bags, which not only look good, but do good too!

Plus, we're reusing and recycling our own packaging so that every order we ship is as green as possible.

Transparent Supply Chain

We're open about who we work with and where our products come from. From the cotton that goes into our garments, to the factories that make our swing tags, we know that every step of our supply chain is transparent. 

ISO14001 certified and working towards achieving GOTS certified by the end of 2024, we will always be aiming to better our processes and be as green as we can. 


Introducing AWARETM tracer technology

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