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Skills for Life is a new project launched by the University Of Wolverhampton, aimed at helping adults in the West Midlands improve their numeracy skills.

The academic project team will be delivering flexible, innovative online numeracy support using university students from regional universities as tutors and mentors.  The project has been designed to improve the participants' numeracy skills, enabling them to navigate daily life challenges and excel in the workplace. Recognising the importance of providing tangible resources to facilitate learning, the university came to Infinity Inc. to supply a branded toolkit for the project's participants.

The Brief

The University of Wolverhampton asked Infinity Inc. to create some branded essential items that would help adult learners participating in the Skills for Life project.  A key factor was for the items to be both sustainable and practical, providing ongoing value to participants beyond the Skills for Life project.

Understanding the significance of the initiative, Infinity Inc. proposed a carefully curated learning pack comprising essential tools that would equip the students for their tutoring sessions.

The Solution

A high-quality notebook, reliable pen and functional calculator were chosen to be added to a reusable tote bag. These items would enhance note-taking, facilitate problem-solving, and promote active participation during tutoring sessions. As sustainability was a key priority for the university we ensured each item was made from organic or recycled materials. With the Skills for Life logo printed in its bold green and white colours, the final goody bag looked well coordinated and professional.

To boost the sustainability credentials of the learning packs, a tree was planted for each one created, totaling 5000.  Working with Ecologi, the 5000 trees would be a part of high-quality tree planting projects across the globe. Each project is carefully chosen by their Impact team for the benefits they bring to local people and nature, restoring habitats and supporting local livelihoods.

This initiative not only emphasised the value of reusable products but also contributed to the broader goal of environmental conservation, reflecting our shared dedication to making a positive impact on both education and the planet.

Wolves Uni Eco Gift Bags

The Results

Recognising our sustainability-focused approach and the positive impact it had on the initiative, the university sought our expertise once again. This time, they tasked us with providing branded polo shirts and softshell jackets that mirrored the sustainability traits embodied in the goody bag contents. It's an exciting continuation of our partnership, highlighting the university's ongoing commitment to sustainability and our shared dedication to delivering high-quality, eco-conscious merchandise.

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