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DPD - The UK's leading delivery brand.

We approached DPD to enquire about their use of branded merchandise within the DPD Group, historically, they gifted their employees one item of bespoke branded merchandise that was produced as rewards for DPD employees.

We proposed a diverse range of merchandise to DPD, which could be branded and personalised to meet the business’s needs, through an all-encompassing DPD online shop that was designed, built and managed by Infinity Incorporated.

The Problem

Proposing a one gift fits all solution. Our Account team set to work and from there was born the DPDshop. We felt it was right to offer choice meaning employees could reward not only themselves but offer gifts to family and friends.

Our solution would need to utilise the existing online ordering store in providing gifts to staff across the country. In addition, DPD wanted to ensure that the system had a built-in monetary limit, ensuring that a reasonable budget was in place for rewarding employees.

The Solution

We proposed the implementation of our online ordering system, LINK. Using this software, we could create a one-stop gift store, the DPDshop.

DPD accepted our proposal and the online store became integral to their annual rewards and recognition program.

Attending staff would receive a monetary value gift voucher, produced by us, which could then be redeemed online in return for a gift selected from DPD’s new online store.

The Results

With LINK, DPD staff have benefited from:

– Online access to DPD’s full range.
– Easy gift card redemption.
– Next-day delivery on all items available through the store.

DPD’s operation has benefited from:

– Full integration with DPD’s existing processes.
– Targeted reporting and analytics on gift card usage.
– Cost savings on both administration and wastage. Rich-text element can be used with static or dynamic content

The website was enhanced annually to encompass the DPD Christmas gift shop for employees to redeem their own Christmas gifts, all managed and fulfilled from our onsite warehouse facility, shipped directly to employees.

DPD case study