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Introducing AWARE™


Water is a worldwide issue and consequences are found all over the world. By 2025, 50% of the world’s population will experience a lack of sufficient and ready-to-use water.

With our new IMPACT collection, we want to end greenwashing and tell the true story about sustainability. The range uses recycled polyesters and cotton, saving thousands of litres of water and with AWARE™ we can guarantee the genuine use of recycled fabric materials and certify our water impact reduction claim.


What is AWARE™?

These days it's hard to trust sustainability claims, so AWARE™ have developed an honest, innovative technology to keep track of our sustainable materials throughout the supply chain. The four-step process offers secure traceability of sustainable materials and a true story from start to finish.

AWARE™ is only used in truly sustainable materials, straight from the source and guaranteed to the end by our unique verification and validation technology.




How does AWARE™ work?

1. ACTIVATE - First they inject tracer into the sustainable fiber and register the original certifications in digital tokens on blockchain.

2. PRODUCE - Then there is total freedom of supply chain to produce final textile products.

3. SCAN - They then check the tracer content in the final product.

4. AUTHENTICATE - If they match with the original digital tokens in blockchain, then they can certify the impact date.


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Which of our products are AWARE™ certified?

All of the items made from fabric materials within our IMPACT range are AWARE™ certified.

From towels and bags to caps and umbrellas, the range includes products for every industry, price range, and event. A lot of our best-selling products come from within the IMPACT range, and a lot are also made from recycled bottles.




Can you tell us exactly how much water we have saved?

Yes, if you order any of the AWARE™ certified products from within our IMPACT range we can calculate exactly how many litres of water you have saved by choosing our brand.

Here is a quick look at how much water some of the items can save.


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Want to know more?

For more information on our IMPACT range or to request a quote, get in touch with our merchandise team.