21 promo swag ideas

to Make your next

event sizzle! 

84% of senior managers believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success. 

Events are seen as an essential means of providing attendees with the opportunity to form meaningful connections with businesses and with one another.  The best events are ones which leave a lasting impression which is achieved by creating immersive and personalised experiences.  Providing quality events demonstrates how much you value your attendees, and enables your attendees to value you in return - and promote your brand.  Events are a win-win!

Did you know?


of people remember a brand better if they received a promotional product 


of people will use a promotional item at least once a week


of people will use or just keep a promotional item for a year or longer

Whether you have a conference coming up, a client workshop, a company event or some internal training promotional gifting, promotional merchandise and branded gifts help you deliver a memorable event.  Creative Emporium's promotional items are Good For Your Pocket, Your Brand Exposure, And Your Environmental Credentials.

Here are our swag suggestions for your next event

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1. VR goggles

Interactive experiences are a hot trend, and you can't get much more immersive than this.  It's so hot, 88% of event creators planned to use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) in 2018.

With our branded VR viewers and your mobile app, your audience can really engage with and experience your brand.  After the event, they can pass the goggles on to their children for gaming - with the parents seeing your brand again and again​ from just £3.40.


Personalisation really helps attendees feel engaged and valued, and helps them value their swag (and your company) more.  Having different designs of bag available for your swag helps with this goal by enabling attendees to choose their own.  Connect the options into your brand or event theme to add today's sought-after immersive experience.

2. Cotton totes

Personalising your totes can be as easy as providing a simple choice of colour.

Aim for exclusivity to see your bag carried everywhere - perhaps splashing out on artist-designed prints.

3. Backpacks

Upgrade to a backpack instead of a shopper to increase the chances of your bag being used.  Your delegates could take your bag down to the gym or give it to the children for their school bags.

4. Lunch bags

Why not serve your sandwich lunch in branded bags? Create eye-catching, desirable designs to ensure re-use.  Personalise the contents to allow visitors to express their personality eg "I'm Sweet", "I'm Savoury", "I'm a mystery"


Useful gifts are more likely to be kept - 89% of people keep promotional items because they are useful, rather than for the memories or the monetary value.  

Here are a few ideas for your brand to live on and on and on.

5. Socket to 'em

PopSockets are one of 2019’s best promotional items.  They attach to the back of your phone and pop out for a more secure and comfortable grip.  And they get your brand on the one thing that every customer takes everywhere.

6. Powerful gifts

No matter how carefully you choose your venue, chances are there isn't a power point right next to the attendee right when they need it.  Pop a power bank in their swag bag and they can charge their device with ease.

7. Don't forget your toothbrush

Because your overnight delegates may well have done!  Show them you're thinking of them with this gift.  And if they don't use it for your event, they will take it with them next time - your brand will refresh their memories as well as their mouths.


8. For him: apparel

A choice of customised apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps will also let your delegates express their own personality, whilst showing off your brand. 

9. For her: candles

Who doesn't love a candle?  Have your attendees keep a little

light on for you with this bright spark of a gift.


10. Hot drinks

Ever battled with cups and saucers, nibbles and  shaking hands whilst networking?  Give out your brand 'to go', serving drinks in reusable travel mugs so they stay warm and don't spill.

11. Cold drinks

Single use plastic bottles aren't great for the environment, and they're not great for maximum brand exposure either.  However, these no-spill re-usable carry bottles are great!

12. Cookies they'll accept

Any shape can be overlaid with your message or branding to create a memorable break-time experience for your attendees.

13. Keep 'em sweet

Everyone loves sweets or knows someone who does.  Give them a little something they love, and your attendees will love you back.


14. Supercharged


Lanyards are our top-selling item for events.  People always forget to pack phone chargers - upgrade your lanyards to this charger cable version and be your attendees' hero.

15. Go green in

any colour

Communicate your brand's environmental values with a longer lasting pen made from biodegradable sugar cane.   As it's made in Europe, the air miles are low too.

16. Maximise the


Maximise the value of your event by providing the entire conference materials on a pre-loaded USB drive.  Creative Emporium can take care of this for you.

17. Onesie

Impress your guests with more than just pads and pens.  Our conferences folders contain everything your delegate needs, and they come in a range of colours.


Thank your speakers and delegates, send out save the dates or early bird booking for next year, or follow up on leads with a bit more swag. 83% of people buy from companies that have supplied them with promotional products.  Here are some ideas which are easy to pop in the post.

18. Keep it clean

These handy screen cleaners adhere to the back of any mobile device and pull off to wipe away smudges.  They don't leave a sticky residue, and are washable and reusable.

19. File their nails

A nail file is a easy to post to leads

Nail files are one of the two non-stationery branded items that people keep on their desks.  The other is lip salves, but files are easier to post!

20. Buy them a drink

Branded teabags make a cheap promotional gift

Everyone loves a cuppa, so send them a tea bag or coffee sachet.  As well as your branding you could include a discount code and convert that lead into a sale.

21. Prop them up

This credit-card sized mobile phone stand fits in a wallet but even supports tablets. It's bound to get used as a travel accessory and draw the attention of nosy seat neighbours.



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