How to tailor your company gifts for every recipient

Personalisation - it's not just in a name

Personalised promotional products aren't just about adding a personal name, it can also be about giving customers or employees a choice which allows them to express their personality.  People today not only expect a relevant and personal experience, but in an era when brand loyalty is second-nature, using a personal touch to show you understand and value your stakeholders can give you a competitive edge.  Studies show personalised experiences generate:

Better Relationships

96% of marketers found that personalisation advances relationships and 88% that it improved business results.

Repeat Custom

Customers are more likely to become repeat buyers after a personalised shopping experience. 

Bigger Spends

Customers will purchase something more expensive than planned because their experience was personalised.

You can personalise promotional gifts in two ways:  

  1. 1. Print personal names onto suitable products      
  2. 2. Order custom variants to allow personal choice 
  3. Continue reading for suggestions on how you can personalise items individually or at scale.


1. Mug shots

  • Mugs are a great item for individual personalisation on a small scale as the minimum order quantity is low, and you can have a full colour design.  A customer recently ordered personalised mugs for a key internal meeting and said "little touches like these went down a storm".  

2. Premium pens

Cross pens are a high quality gift for that special someone in your work life. Available across a huge range of products and with four engraving fonts, you are sure to be able to tailor this product to your exact requirements.

3. Individualised notebooks

As well as your company logo,  notebooks can be embossed with a message for a specific occasion or foiled with individual's names.  You can also offer personal choice through different coloured covers, or coloured pages and elastic.

4. Sweets

Individual names can be printed on our sweet collection at no extra charge.  You can even add a message to tailor the product to the occasion.  Organza bags of retro sweets and tubs of jelly beans are our best sellers in this range.


5. A lot of bottle

  • Bottles offer lots of scope for personalisation.  Providing different colours or slogans allows recipients to choose their favourite.   As well as a logo or slogan, you can engrave or print individual names or messages. Engraving onto metal bottles is the most cost effective means of popping thousands of names onto a bottle as there is a single setup fee and a lower charge per name than printing onto plastic.

6. See your name in lights

Tech gadgets are always a welcome gift and many can be personalised.  One of our favourites is the Geo Wireless Charger as it lights up.  Your customer or employee can also choose the LED colour they like best.

7. This octopus belongs to...

The popular multi-connector Octopus is now a powerbank too with white light-up branding, giving gadgets and your logo extra go-go.

8. Golf

Many golf items can be personalised such as balls, ball markers and golf towels.  You can see more golf gift ideas here.

9. Garments

Clothing, baseball caps and bags can all be personalised with embroidery or print transfers.  A cost-effective way of doing this for a team or event is to produce a single print with everyone's name on.

10. Awards

personlised award for employee engagement

Individualised trophies or awards are a great way of showing staff how much you appreciate them.

Personal choice

11. Different...

  • Providing different colours is a simple and low cost way of allowing personal preference.
  • Different slogans allow people to express themselves, whilst different designs allow people to choose the one that reflects their interests or personality.
  • Different finishes are another way of providing people with an element of choice. There are lots to choose from, such as neon, glitter, UV, raised, gloss, rainbow, foil, flock...

12. The little things

  • Small changes to standardised products can help you create different versions of the same product to provide an element of personal choice for recipients.
  • For example, you can add custom zip pulls, or use different colours of contrast stitching.  Contrast stitching is available at no added cost.

13. Inserts for notebooks

  • You can mass-tailor notebooks to give the air of personalisation by using digitally printed page inserts or booklets.  These are glued into the front or back of standard notebooks, giving the impression that the whole book is custom-printed.  These are a great option for specific events or occasions such as long-service awards.

14. The full package

  • Gift wrapping is available on name-tagged or personalised products to add that extra-special touch. If it's not practical to personalise or offer choice on the product itself, you can achieve it through different designs or colours of sleeves, backing cards and boxes.  



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