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For 2019-2020

Harness the power of technology

Unsurprisingly, tech-related items continue to dominate the promo market and will keep doing so with Millennials and Generation Z being inseparable from technology.  Since there is little coming to market in the way of totally new products, the latest trend is towards environmentally friendly packaging and more modern and stand out designs, increasing multifunctionality, and improved eco credentials.

Here are 5 things to consider when using gadgets to promote your brand:

  1. 1. Tech needs to be high quality to meet modern expectations;
  2. 2. Gadgets which aren't cutting edge in form or function aren't going to cut it;
  3. 3. Gadgets need to be genuinely useful;
  4. 4. Products need to align with current values around ethical and sustainable goods;
  5. 5. Consider what size of branding area you need.  Micro products are best suited to recipients who already know your brand. For lead generation choose a bigger product with room for a call to action as well as your logo.


5 key things to considering when using gadgets to promote your brand are:

1. Hello iLo

Circular acrylic rotating charger and phone stand

Wireless chargers are great for dashing to that meeting without having to fumble to unplug your phone. But most of them are powered by Li-Ion batteries which have airline carriage restrictions. Instead, opt for the new tilting iLo chargers which are powered by a device connection. With their unusual circular shape and white-light up acrylic, they're sure to get your brand noticed, whether you choose to print it on the top or etch it on the backlit acrylic.

2. Make the mouse run

How about a mouse mat which charges your wireless mouse and your phone, and folds up for easy transportation?  

It has overheat protection, and like the iLO,  it's battery-free for safe and cheap air transport.

3. Sustained charging

portable solar panel with corporate branding to charge devices

These solar chargers work behind a window, providing device charging that's sustainable. They also make a great gift to keep hikers or campers connected - and illuminated with the flashlight function - in the hills or at music festivals.


4. Biodegrad-cable

Biodegradable cable with four connector arms

With little to choose in price, Mr Bio has the same dual input and triple output connectors as the popular Octopus but its patented design is environmentally-friendly, being made from recyclable and biodegradable plastic and paper!

5. Clever notebook

This battery-powered smart notebook can charge 2 devices simultaneously, and has room for an A5 notebook and pen, cables and cards.  With a linen finish and a metal plate on the cover to engrave your brand onto, this is a premium corporate gift.

6. Smart watch

Wearables continue to be 'desirables', and with branding available on the full range of products from low-cost activity trackers to the latest smart watch with full phone integration, they fit the bill for corporate gifts or employee rewards.

7. Hubba Hubba

A must-have accessory for laptops with only one USB socket, the stylish iLo mini hub provides 1 USB-C and 3 USB sockets, and lights up in 5 different colours.  You can brand onto the illuminated acrylic portion or onto the casing.

totally sound

8. Clear audio

We can't get enough of these speakers here in the office. They have an incredible 10 Watts of power with a rich bass and can be paired for stereo sound.  They delight with LED lights too - which really make your logo stand out.

9. A stand-up guy

Speaker shaped like boy with posable arms and company branding

The new Mini version of the 'Boy' speaker comes in a variety of colours, including metallic finishes. He's a real gent with his remote selfie button and won't put as large a dent in your pocket as his bigger brothers.

10. A sound workout

A water bottle with a detachable base housing a speaker

This 500ml water bottle has boarded the multifunction band wagon by housing a detachable bluetooth speaker at the bottom.  It's great for taking into the garden, picnicking in the park or a refreshing workout.

11. Say yo to the yoyo

These tiny speakers pack a surprising audio punch, and a remote control button for taking selfies with your phone.  You can buy a boxed set for stereo pairing. Or how about we programme the 'on' sound with your brand jingle? 

phone accessories

12. Screen cleaner

These reusable cleaners tick the functionality box and are great value for money, getting your brand seen each of the 46 times a day that people get their phone out.

13. Phone Clip

This leather-style wallet sticks to the back of the phone and also functions as a safer, more comfortable grip for holding the phone or a clip for storing earbuds.

14. Exec charge cable

A brown leather look key fob with USB charger cables

This faux leather fob houses a lightning USB-C and micro USB connector and can be attached to keys or bags so that travellers are never without a charge cable .

15. Something else

mobile phone sun protector clip on brolly

These quirky accessories are new to the UK market.  They let recipients read in bright sunlight or keep the rain off the camera lens on a staycation.


16. Number crunching data

A small USB hardrive with a keycode pad

Store up to 120GB on this USB-C connector Solid State Drive.  The drive is secured with a passcode, giving the recipient a quick and easy way to keep documents safe.  Compatible with Macs, PCs and notebooks.

17. No spy hole

Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Directors use bits of coloured sticky tape to stop Big Brother watching them.  Protect your customers' privacy with branded covers available in three styles or even custom-cut shapes.

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