attracting young people



Young adulthood is a key time to build brand loyalty

As the magazine, Entrepreneur, says, family and friends influence young people's exposure to brands, but not necessarily their loyalty.  Young adults are trying to establish their individuality by making their own choices.

With promotional merchandise being a proven means of creating brand and top-of-mind awareness, gifts can certainly help win the hearts and minds of younger Millennials and Generation Z.  This is particularly true if the giveaway resonates with their passions for the environment and good causes, health and wellbeing, travel, technology, and personalised experiences.

If you're seeking to recruit students to your institution, attract and retain top young talent, or gain new customers within this age demographic, read on for some great ideas for recruitment fairs, new employee engagement and student nights.

fun stuff

House of cards

colourful playing cards with company logo

Whether it's Top Trumps or Poker, card games are a cost effective way of getting your brand in front of plenty of players and taken on travels.

Guitar plectrum

guitar plectrums with rock and roll slogan and company logo

If they don't play themselves, they will know someone who does, making a guitar plectrum a great low cost giveaway with long term exposure.

Nail file

A nail file is a easy to post to leads

Nail files are always a popular giveaway, whether for males or females and are cost-effective, with a large print area.

Lip balm

Lip balm with company logo

From organic ingredients to containers manufactured from recycled aluminium, this is a well-used product that ticks the eco box too.

Fitness towel

fitness gym towel with company logo

As the younger generation is into health and wellbeing, a fitness towel will be a welcome accessory for visits to the campus or workplace gym.

Phone camera lens

Wide angle lens phone attachment

This wide angle and macro lens clips onto mobiles for optical enhancements.  As with all phone accessories, your brand gets a lot of exposure to the public!

Mobile brolly

mobile phone sun protector clip on brolly

Get your brand noticed with these quirky accessories which are new to the UK market.  Perfect for keeping bright sunlight and rain off phones.



Pot of savoury snacks with company logo

Experience has taught us that the way to a young person's heart is through their stomach, with people flocking to stands with eats on offer. This snack will hit the savoury-lover's spot.


protein bar with bespoke wrapper with company logo

Snack bars such as granola, flapjack, or protein mixes are another opportunity to draw the crowds and pack a punch for your message as your design can cover the full wrapper.

...and sweets

Pot of sweets with company logo

Our sweet and savoury pots can come in compostable containers, making them great for the environment as well as tummies.  Jelly beans and retro sweets are our best sellers.

cool stuff

Loop stand and phone holder

Mobile phone holder and stand in form of collapsible ring

Whilst PopSockets are a current hot product, these phone rings do the same job of providing a mobile stand and a more comfortable, secure grip at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Screen cleaner

These reusable cleaners stick to the back of any mobile device and pull off to wipe away smudges.  With people getting their phone out 46 times a day, you're brand gets a lot of exposure.


Earbuds in branded company box

Earbuds are often breaking or getting lost and with a younger person's limited budget for buying replacements, they'll find your branded giveaway a sound gift.

Charging bottle opener

Beer bottle opener with USB charging adapters

Charging cables are a popular gift, and bottle openers are something that people moving away from home will need to buy.  Giving this two-in-one will win you extra kudos.

Water bottle

Reusable water bottles also help the environment by reducing single-use plastic bottles.  These "Love Island" bottles have been a big hit in recent years.

Coffee cup

Travel mugs are a win-win for young people - they reduce waste and the cost of the drink with shops offering discounts or extra rewards for a reusable cup.  

desktop stuff


Muticoloured eco-friendly pens with company logo

The pen is still a mighty promotional product (see why here) and these recycled ones are a cost-effective way of mitigating the impact of plastic on the environment.


Three-colour highlighter with company logo

Ever seen someone study without a bunch of highlighters?  We haven't!  This three colour one will be a very welcome giveaway, and is a great way to highlight your brand.


Wirebound notebook with gorilla wearing sunglasses and company logo

Even in the age of laptops in libraries and lecture halls, notebooks still have their place.  Wire-bound notebooks are the most cost-effective solution for giveaways.

Page keepers

These hardcover combi packs contain page markers to keep borrowed books safe, sticky notes and a handy notepad.  We can supply these at fantastically competitive prices too.

student stuff

Luggage tag

Lowcost giveaway of a luggage tag with company logo

Travel is more popular than ever with the current young generation, so a luggage tag makes for a low cost but useful giveaway.

Luggage lock

Padlocks for travel luggage with company logo

Whether it's a year out, an Erasmus exchange, or a working holiday, a TSA approved luggage lock will safely remind them of your brand.

Chewable toothbrush

Travel toothbrush in a plastic ball

These liquid-less brushes are great for cabin luggage, or keeping in a handbag for breath emergencies. They're developed by dentists - so they're not all bark and no bite!

Phone Wallet

Card holder stuck on to back of phone showing company logo

This handy card holder attaches to the back of phones meaning students will never go out without their travel pass or debit card.

Magnetic notepad

Shopping list for fridge with company logo

Magnetise young adults with this item - essential item fridge decor for student digs.  Now they've left home they'll need to keep "to do" lists and jot down shopping lists.

Measure for measure

Rice spaghetti and measuring spoons with company logos

Helpful and popular giveaways for people moving away from home are branded rice measuring cups, spaghetti measurers and a set of measuring spoons.

employee stuff

When you've recruited the best of the best, you want to hang on to them for as long as possible.  Giving them a welcome gift has a substantial impact on employee engagement and loyalty to your brand.  Here are some ideas at various price points.  Personalising items with the individual's name is also a very effective tactic - you can see our ideas for that here.

Anti-theft backpack

Grey knife proof rucksack with hidden zips and company logo

This amazing bag features hidden zips and cut resistant fabric.  Not only does it protect against theft but the water repellent fabric and shock-proof laptop and tablet compartments protect against accidental damage. 


Speaker shaped like boy with posable arms and company branding

Speaker tech is evolving all the time.  The 'Boy' has been around a little while but the Mini version is new.  Weighing in at a lower price point, it still packs a punch sound-wise. He's a real stand-up guy!

Chill picnic rug

Waterproof fleece picnic blanket with pillows

Young people love the outdoors, and with gardens a rarity on low budgets and city centre locations, a picnic rug for the park will be a welcome and long lasting gift.  This zip-out blanket has inflatable pillows to max out the chill.

Colour changing brolly

Black umbrella with print that changes colour in the rain

Umbrellas can seem a bit too corporate and same-old where younger walkers are concerned.  Add a splash of style with your design or logo printed in a special ink which changes colour when it gets wet.


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