Why use promotional confectionery?

From our experience, branded confectionery is often underestimated and overlooked when it comes to promotions.  People feel it’s been done too many times before, or that it doesn’t have the long-lasting visibility of other promotional products.  

But branded sweets can be one of the most useful and effective marketing products to promote your business, particularly for establishing a new customer relationship, or to say ‘thanks’ to a long-standing customer or employee.

From mints to branded chocolates and lollies, you can make like Willy Wonka and have your customers beating a path to your door in order to get some more of your sweet freebies.

6 reasons to use promotional sweets:

cake spheres on sticks with company logo

1. They boost brand awareness

Promotional sweets do more than show appreciation; they also remind people about your brand. More and more brands are looking at creative ways to increase awareness of their brands using promotional merchandise, and confectionery is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of doing this.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of promotional confectionery products is that they are unobtrusive, so people don’t really view them as advertising.

2. They're memorable

Everyone loves confectionery and using unusual shapes, flavours, lollypop cakes or retro items, the possibilities for a fun way to be memorable are endless.

packets of lovehearts demonstrating where personal message can be printed

3. They're bespoke

With the ability to customise the design, flavours and even the colours, confectionery promotional products offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to promote your brand. You can pop your sweets in wrappers, boxes or jars designed to match your corporate pantones.

Tins are a really popular form of product packaging for confectionery which offer a fantastic printing area for your logo and brand messages, such as your strapline and web address. Ring-pull cans offer a more unusual form of packaging so you really stand out.

You can impress even more by having your logo and brand name imprinted into the sweet. A great idea is a love heart sweet with different brand messages embedded in the sweets!

branded savoury snacks and biscuits

4. They're versatile

Branded sweets can be used as giveaways on reception desks and at events, create a buzz at internal meetings, or as ‘thank you’ gifts.

They’re widely known to be effective in drawing crowds to exhibition stands, and are a great way of breaking the ice and starting conversations.

Sweets are an effective gift for people at every level too, whether they are passers-by on the street or the managing director of a major company. Few other promotional giveaways – or promotional tools of any kind – rival confectionery in terms of either its effectiveness or the breadth of its reach.

Don’t forget you can have well-known makes of chocolate bar, biscuits, granola bars, and savoury snack pots too!

personalised sweets with message well done jane

5. They're economical

Promotional confectionery is one of the most economical promotional products.  You can find a range of products to suit any budget, and they become more cost-effective when bought in bulk.

6. They can be personalised

Using a personal touch to show you understand and value your stakeholders can give you a competitive edge. Individual names can be printed on our sweet collection at no extra charge. You can even add a message to tailor the product to the occasion.

indulge your sweet tooth

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